Virtual VISION 2020
Event Recap & Review

The WorkForce Software (WFS) Virtual VISION 2020 user conference, held this year on September 29 & 30, did not fail to impress—even amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s event, which was held entirely virtually for the first time, drew more than 900 attendees interacting through an online platform to take advantage of engaging executive and keynote speeches, breakout sessions, fireside chats with WFS clients, and a host of opportunities for networking with colleagues, clients, and WFS experts.


Workforce Insight and WFS Client Panel:
“Workforce Transformation Journey: Driving Sustainable Value & Ongoing Success”

In addition to proudly sponsoring this year’s VISION event and celebrating a longstanding WFS partnership with beginnings in 2006, Workforce Insight took the stage once again as a featured presenter for VISION 2020. Led by Michael Nickey, Workforce Insight’s WFS Practice Director, and co-presented with clients Weatherford, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) and North American Coal, representatives from each company shared successes and lessons learned throughout their WFS journeys, as well as key takeaways from project efforts.

Workforce Insight played a key role in all three clients’ workforce transformations, leading projects that included WFS product upgrades, system and process optimization, stabilization, custom training and onboarding, as well as timely COVID-19 related adaptations. Substantial Client-Workforce Insight partnership efforts behind each company’s workforce transformation led to major client successes, with key takeaways around leveraging seasoned, knowledgeable WFS experts at a project’s outset; cultivating a strong change management support network for the long term; and keeping the big picture top of mind by preparing in advance for ongoing post-implementation WFS support & optimization to achieve ongoing value from the WFS system well into the future.


Keynotes, Year in Review, Market Outlook, and Product Innovation Announcements

The event also featured WFS executive speakers CEO Mike Morini, COO Denise Broady, and Joe Ross, VP Global Product Management. Key themes were focused on “getting the world back to work” and the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on work and the workplace itself. Morini highlighted WFS’ ability to adapt and put customers first with inspiring stories on what the WFS customer base has done to adapt to the current situation, and also touched on the humanity that COVID-19 has brought back to the workplace. Morini noted the people side of the current situation and the fact that innovation is more than just technology as employees work remotely to juggle careers and everyday life as part of the “new normal.”

Year-in-review statistics outlined WorkForce Software’s successes in the market and boost in performance since its move to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; v20.1 and 20.2 enhancements; as well as a look into the future with a WorkForce Suite 2020 roadmap and a strong focus on “Project Zeus” to deliver innovation across the areas of product, platform, and user experience. Recent innovations in response to COVID-19 as well as future capabilities were discussed, such as mobile pre-shift health screens, universal scheduling capablilies, and executive insights through BI tools.

 Other Highlights and Event Conclusion

VISION 2020 also included a spotlight on the charitable work WFS is doing globally through the organizations Mind, Dementia Australia, and the stateside organization Merging Vets & Players (MVP)—whose outreach in matching up combat veterans and former professional athletes to address mental health issues has massively expanded despite the pandemic, thanks to virtual capabilities. Guest keynote Christian Crews of Wavepoint Growth Strategies used the book “Deep Survival” and theme of adapting to thrive in the marketplace as a backdrop for discussing “The Post-Covid Boom and the Future of Work,” emphasizing that future market leaders are companies who invest in being ready and strategically fit for the future before it happens. Rounding out the event was Alan Winegar, WFS SVP Global Services, speaking on WFS’ efforts to elevate the customer experience, followed by a final closing session reviewing event highlights and marking the conclusion of this year’s VISION event.


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