Comprehensive training support is critical to achieving a successful workforce management solution implementation and a positive return on an organization’s workforce management investment. As such, Workforce Insight’s training experts are a highly important part of the project teams that serve our clients as part of their workforce management initiatives.

Our training consultants are well-versed in all workforce management systems in use today, and bring a long history of experience developing training materials and delivering several types of training through various methods and platforms in order to help organizations smoothly transition to new or upgraded systems—without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Our training professionals have provided training services for several large and complex implementations for some of the world’s most recognized brands, using a time-tested approach to develop and deliver customized, client-centric training services that include:

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Best-fit Training Solutions by Seasoned WFM Experts

Workforce Insight’s experienced trainers create and deliver appropriately-focused training for employees at all levels that is specifically focused on each system user’s role and responsibilities. Because of the deep experience our trainers bring, they are highly familiar with all workforce management solutions available, including the following most common enterprise solutions:

Timekeeping & Pay Practices

Scheduling & Staffing

Absence & Leave Management

Workforce Planning

Labor Cost Management


Labor Analytics

Fatigue Management


Workforce Insight’s training team uses detailed project information in combination with client feedback to initiate a comprehensive training needs analysis. The results of this analysis and assessment allow our training professionals to provide best-practice recommendations and shape an informed strategy in alignment with organizational processes and culture and that meets the training needs of your organization’s workforce management initiative.


Often used as a supplement to instructor-led training, Workforce Insight offers customized, self-paced web-based training featuring exercises that teach everyday tasks through guided simulation and knowledge checks to support the learner’s progress. Because the client retains training source files, web-based learning can also be used for performance support: users can return to tutorials and simulations to enhance or refresh their knowledge, or to relearn tasks as necessary to adapt to changing company policies or procedures.


Specialized classroom training is delivered by seasoned training consultants with deep experience educating trainers, managers and end users on a myriad of workforce management solutions, helping ensure a seamless transition to new or upgraded systems and processes. Instructor-led training services we provide include:


Workforce Insight’s train-the-trainer experience prepares individuals responsible for training end users by simulating the end-user classroom experience, educating on presentation styles and skills, offering tips and tricks on how to effectively deliver content, and providing mentoring to trainers as they begin to lead initial classes.

End-user Training

Workforce Insight’s end-user training is hands-on and extremely interactive, designed to establish a strong learning foundation and promote optimal knowledge transfer. Managers learn daily tasks in the sequence they will be performed, followed by simulated practice scenarios. As each task is mastered, it can be practiced in a training copy of the actual production database, giving a safe and authentic opportunity to gain familiarity with the new system and strengthen newly-acquired skills.