With the burden of manually generating productivity data from multiple sources and departments, and the inability to quickly analyze data in a way that would lead to timely and proactive improvements, this university hospital system’s productivity goals were consistently falling short. While the organization was eager to implement a workforce analytics platform to provide automated, transparent, and streamlined access to actionable data, the pressing demands of other high-priority HCM and WFM initiatives and the lack of sufficient resources to carry them out simultaneously meant missed opportunities to provide quality care at a lower cost.



Analytics, Timekeeping & Scheduling Assessment

The Workforce Insight team provided a comprehensive assessment, evaluating current and future state goals and requirements for timekeeping, scheduling and analytics in developing the optimal deployment strategy.  Analytics and healthcare workforce management experts constructed a multi-workstream implementation plan addressing the needs of competing initiatives, supplying technical and functional experts to fill resource gaps and provide client-side implementation support to ensure project success.

HCM - WFM Client Advisory Services

Workforce Insight helped this organization drive successful adoption across competing HCM and WFM technology initiatives, guiding optimal system design considerations, while capturing essential mind-share from clinicians with minimal disruption to patient care.   Serving as a client-side advisor, Workforce Insight guided best practice design/configuration decisions, such as FMLA Management, Accruals Calculations, PTO/Leave Requests, Position Control, Flexible/Supplemental Workforce, Labor Analytics/Productivity, Wage Visibility, STD/Workers Compensation, Time to Hire and Onboarding.

Kronos Analytics for Healthcare Implementation (in concert with Kronos Advanced Scheduler)

In addition to providing comprehensive project management, configuration, testing, and rollout support of the Kronos Analytics and Advanced Scheduler solutions, Workforce Insight provided operational guidance to streamline staffing and scheduling and bed huddles to best leverage the new technology, incorporating analytics platform functionality into daily scheduling and staffing processes.

Analytics Enablement & Adoption Support

In addition to training leaders and end users, Workforce Insight continues to provide system support, augmenting existing full-time resources within the organization and performing operational and technical support and advisory services to help the organization push the envelope of what they can achieve through workforce analytics as their needs and objectives evolve.

Client Platform: Kronos®