Midwest Healthcare System Embeds Workforce Analytics to Drive Enterprise Performance Improvement

Leveraging Kronos® Analytics to support broader workforce transformation initiative



Mergers and acquisitions throughout this organization’s history meant many diverse facilities across regions were using various WFM systems. Without common productivity standards or a single source of workforce data to calculate metrics, a streamlined enterprise approach to reducing unnecessary costs while improving patient care was proving difficult. This client sought a trusted WFM advisor with both healthcare operations and Kronos Analytics expertise to help guide and monitor the success of its Kronos implementation toward achieving enterprise performance improvement.

Multi-facility Kronos WFM rollout success was bolstered and optimized from market to market through custom dashboard visibility and field-level training on how to interpret and act on labor data


Analytics Strategic PlanningCustom Dashboard, KPI & Target Development

In tandem with the multi-facility deployment of the Kronos WFM solution, Workforce Insight helped identify areas where Kronos Analytics could be more fully leveraged to achieve productivity and cost-control objectives. Workforce Insight’s analytics and healthcare operations experts helped develop custom dashboards, identify pain points, develop standard metrics and KPIs, establish baselines and institute facility and department-specific targets to help tackle problem areas and accurately calculate ROI.

Analytics Enablement & Adoption Support

Workforce Insight helped the organization centralize and standardize WFM processes, policies, and scheduling cycles, and provided formal dashboard training services to teach leaders and key users how to analyze and interpret data, while providing insight on how to improve metrics when variances occur. Armed with the information they needed and the skills to take meaningful action toward the organization’s objectives, the client was able to bolster the success of their Kronos implementation. As each market and facility was rolled out, the data was analyzed to measure implementation successes and create lessons learned to apply to the rollout for subsequent markets.


Platform: Kronos®


WFM SERVICES (delivered in addition to analytics services)


  • Kronos Workforce Scheduler, Timekeeper and Absence
    Manager Implementation (+Mobile) & Configuration Support
  • Training & Change Management Services


  • Pay Practice Standardization/Optimization
  • Scheduling Standardization & Staffing Model Optimization
  • Labor Productivity Target Development