WorkForce Software Implementation

K-12 School District Implements Uniform, Organization-Wide WFM System to Streamline Time & Attendance and Optimize Current State



This large, urban school district’s 17,500 teachers, substitute teachers, classroom aides, and other school and administrative employees were using multiple different time and attendance systems, and operating under varying workforce management processes and practices across more than 200 schools and locations. To streamline time and attendance and improve the overly complex, inefficient current state, this client was seeking a trusted workforce management advisor with the right expertise to guide the organization throughout its endeavor to standardize processes and implement a uniform system across the district.

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WorkForce Software Implementation

Workforce Insight was selected to assist the district in its workforce management endeavor to standardize processes and provide comprehensive WFM system implementation services that resulted in the automation of time and attendance, leave management and shift documentation across the organization. Services provided include:

Time & Attendance and Absence Compliance Tracking

  • Close, cooperative effort with the client team to define, document, and approve discrete requirements
  • Highly-coordinated review of existing policies and practices to determine scheduling, pay rules, work rules, policies, integration and technical architecture requirements
  • Interface work allowing communication between interdependent systems
  • Thorough system testing and testing assistance; district-wide rollout, and end-to-end support

Successful Collaborative Partnership

The district and Workforce Insight enjoy a strong and positive ongoing business relationship due to the solid partnership formed throughout this project, which was a major factor contributing to this initiative’s success.

Training Services

  • Tailored system training and training support materials development
    and delivery

Change Management Services

  • Change management and communication strategy development and execution