DENVER, March 13, 2018 – Workforce Insight announced today its strategic partnership with WorkJam, creators of Digital Workplace technology. The alliance between the two companies is aimed at serving healthcare organizations, helping providers boost performance and productivity while also improving the satisfaction of employees and the patients they serve.
The Workforce Insight team is looking forward to the 2018 Workforce Software Vision 2018 Conference, which runs from April 30 - May 2 in Phoenix, AZ. The event will feature keynote speakers and panel discussions, breakout sessions and product demos, as well as networking events to help link attendees with peers, WorkForce Software SMEs, Workforce Insight workforce management experts, and others in the workforce management industry.

Download:  A Day in the Life of an Engaged Healthcare Employee

WorkJam & Workforce Insight White Paper: A Day in the Life of an Engaged Healthcare Employee

Read how to avoid the turnover crisis in the healthcare industry by taking a walk through a day in the life of an engaged nurse who uses Digital Workplace tools. Download the most current collaboration between WorkJam and Workforce Insight, A Day in the Life of an Engaged Healthcare Employee, to learn how health systems and other healthcare organizations are using a Digital Workplace to prevent attrition, increase productivity, and improve patient care.

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Whether your organization is moving to an entirely new workforce management platform or bringing new locations onto the current system in an effort to standardize across the organization, an enterprise-wide workforce management system implementation is a complex undertaking with many moving parts.
Workforce Insight is pleased to announce its participation in the 2018 American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Annual Conference in Indianapolis. The event, held April 12-15, brings together nursing executives and organizational leadership from hospitals and healthcare organizations around the country to discuss today’s most common nursing challenges, and learn more about what steps organizations are taking to solve those challenges.

Workforce Insight’s WorkforceIQ™ Optimization Framework

Since our beginnings in 2006, Workforce Insight has helped hundreds of clients across a wide variety of industries, including large and well-known organizations in the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and services sectors. Many of these clients had made major workforce management investments, but were struggling to know where to start or how to make the most of their people and technology to help their businesses thrive.


For 12 years, we have acted as a trusted workforce management advisor to our customers, providing sound, product-neutral advice to help clients achieve ongoing success with their workforce management initiatives and realize the return on the investments they have made. Workforce Insight’s WorkforceIQ™ Optimization Framework is the end result of this experience: a formalized, client-focused approach based on our long history of experience helping our clients transform workforce operating models, systems, and processes to reduce costs and optimize labor productivity.


Using WorkforceIQ™ Surveys and stakeholder and departmental feedback in combination with organizational labor data analysis by skilled workforce management professionals and industry experts, WorkforceIQ™ helps uncover gaps and pinpoints areas for change that can bring the highest level of positive impact toward an organization’s workforce management goals. With these insights in mind, Workforce Insight teams work with organizations at the executive level to identify and validate workforce management priorities, and then work collaboratively with clients to construct a clear-cut, realistic timeframe in which to carry out recommended actions.


Workforce Insight’s WorkforceIQ™ Optimization Framework is a foundational asset across industries, helping organizations optimize the management of their workforces by providing clear visibility to greatest opportunities for improvement—including both “quick-wins” and areas for high-potential, long-term gain. We have helped hospitals uncover millions in hidden savings and lower operating costs while maximizing the quality of patient care; helped retailers boost conversion and deliver a vastly improved customer experience; and helped manufacturers identify efficiency gaps to heighten productivity while minimizing compliance risk. Learn more about how WorkforceIQ™ has helped our customers, and how your organization can benefit from the many workforce optimization successes we’ve helped achieve for numerous clients we’ve served.

In an industry where people are undoubtedly a provider’s strongest focus and greatest asset, ensuring the best frontline talent is available to provide highest quality care to its patients should be a top priority. While many providers recognize the value of workforce management and its potential for helping healthcare organizations successfully achieve their mission and vision within the communities they serve, without the right approach to staffing and scheduling, challenges arise.
As brick and mortar retailers evolve to adapt in a competitive online marketplace, the need for an engaged, properly trained, and effectively scheduled workforce has never been more critical. Despite today’s wide range of retail-focused technology and its role in an organization’s growth, a retailer’s workforce is still its biggest asset in the effort to differentiate the brand, drive customer satisfaction and boost conversion. In order to best utilize such an asset, many retailers are moving toward investing in robust labor scheduling software applications to optimize scheduling.