Mike Race, SVP Delivery

Mike Race

EVP, Operations

As EVP, Operations, Mike Race leads the organization’s operational deployment of project resources across all industries to ensure the streamlined and successful adoption of human capital management (HCM) and workforce management (WFM) services and solutions.  Race also oversees the organization’s Project Management Office (PMO),  Change Management, Training and Development Services, as well as Pre-Sales and Program Development groups.

Race works closely with clients and partners to identify critical talent and resource gaps and has been instrumental in the design and launch of the Workforce Insight Academy, an industry-leading training and development program for workforce management and human capital management professionals.

Race has held numerous pivotal role across more than a decade with Workforce Insight dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to clients throughout their HCM and WFM journey, working collaboratively to establish and consistently achieve efficiency and performance targets.  Mike’s unwavering focus on customer objectives and shared success has helped Workforce Insight earn a world-class reputation for service delivery excellence.  With a career that spans more than 20 years, Mike brings a unique blend of workforce management expertise from both customer and vendor perspectives, including experience leading technology initiatives as a client-side project manager as well as serving as Director of Implementation and Technical Services for a labor management technology firm, where he managed the delivery of workforce management solutions and large team of global consultants. Mike holds a B.S. in Computer Systems from the University of Phoenix, as well as a Master Training Specialist certification with the United States Navy.

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