Jim Munoz

Jim Munoz

EVP, Strategy

As EVP of Strategy, Jim Munoz develops and refines the organization’s strategy to align with rapidly changing client and market demand.
Munoz is responsible for driving the vision for innovative HCM and WFM solutions, evolving delivery models and responding to shifting client purchasing behaviors.  Jim works closely with clients, partners and industry leaders across the globe to design visionary models and solutions that optimize and sustain stakeholder value.

Prior to joining Workforce Insight, Munoz was a proven innovation leader and co-founder of Presence of IT, WFM, North America, where he was recognized for driving market-leading growth centered on client-driven solutions.

Munoz brings more than 25 years of experience in the HCM and WFM space, including former leadership roles that span operations, business development and strategic planning for well-known global organizations and leading technology providers.

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