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Why We’re Here

About Workforce Insight

They say some of the best ideas are often first scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin. Well ours was a white board. But co-authored there, nearly 10 years ago, were the original business criteria for what would become Workforce Insight.

Today, Workforce Insight is the world’s leading workforce management and analytics firm.  And still we operate each day with the same goals authored day one: To be a trusted, strategic partner, solve client problems and truly drive value and ROI.  As well, we are still invested in a rich internal culture of hard work and fun, hiring and maintaining top line talent who are not only skilled, but passionate about the work.

Workforce Insight operates each day with a purpose:  To provide outcome-based, workforce management consulting, analytics and support for our clients, generating significant labor cost savings and sustainable performance gains.

Our clients, including 48 of the Fortune 500, span key industries including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Services (Retail, Hospitality, Gaming), Business Services (Financial Services, Professional Services and Public Sector).  With unmatched expertise across all workforce management and analytics platforms, rich industry depth and experience in more than 30 countries, Workforce Insight is the leading and most trusted workforce advisory firm.