Workforce Insight’s people-centric approach to change management has helped numerous organizations transform and adopt Workforce management software technology and related processes and practices to ensure superior alignment and knowledge transfer.

While many organizations have recognized the value of improving workforce operating models and deploying new workforce management technology and related processes – even the most well-mapped solutions will fall short if the organization and key stakeholders have not been systematically prepared for change.

change management

Workforce Software Solutions Supported

Workforce Insight delivers a  proven change management framework, with the  flexibility to address each client’s unique mix of workforce management software modules, versions, and related processes, including the  following most common areas of focus:

Forecasting & Scheduling

Time & Attendance

Advanced Scheduler

Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT)

Fatigue Management

Data Capture

Proven Change Management Framework

Workforce Insight’s change management approach embeds more than a decade of lessons  learned across 580+ workforce management projects supporting clients in achieving best  practice success with engaged and early end-user adoption. Our change management  consultants are certified in the Prosci ADKAR® methodology, which serves as a roadmap and enables ongoing client success. We understand how changes to workforce management systems and practices affect people across industries, global regions, and within varied and complex operational models. Our approach engages the participation of everyone impacted,  and strategically transitions organizations through change, using the following strategies:

Organizational Readiness Assessment/Workshop

On-site organizational readiness workshop, assessment and foundation for change readiness planning

Stakeholder Impact Analysis

Shapes change strategy, identifies who is impacted, how they are affected, degree of impact and performance requirements

Change Strategy

Identifies roles and responsibilities of the change team members, from Senior Leader Sponsorship to End User Support; includes best practices, expectations, tasks, level of engagement and commitment required to drive change

User Adoption Planning

Outlines workstream support during the lifecycle of the project and beyond, including socialization activities, training support, testing support, go-live and pay period support

Communication Planning

Identifies audience, communication vehicles, messaging, timing and owners for early and frequent communication

Resistance & Coaching Plans

Systematically identifies likely points of resistance, incorporating proactive and reactive coaching strategies

Change Management Plan/Roadmap

Plots key activities/milestones, with visual roadmap of sponsorship, communication, training and resistance plans

Change Management Mentoring

Development and mentoring of client-side change team to serve as sustainable user group, supporting client through implementation and future optimization of WorkForce Software solution

Change Team Development

Mentoring and guiding client-side change team to serve as sustainable user group, supporting client through implementation and future optimization of WorkForce Software solution

Whether your organization is implementing workforce management software, adding new modules, transitioning to a new workforce operating model, centralizing or standardizing systems and processes, or optimizing practices for scheduling, staffing, analytics or pay, Workforce Insight can guide you through each phase of your workforce management initiative to drive superior adoption, improved business performance and higher quality outcomes.


“User Adoption resulting from Workforce Insight’s Change Management was one of the best I have ever seen” – Global Auto Manufacturer