2019 Healthcare Topics & Trends – 4 Helpful Resources

2019 is here, and there is more on the healthcare workforce management horizon this year than ever before. Workforce Insight’s healthcare workforce management experts have selected four articles that identify trending topics and what’s in store for the year ahead. Take a peek at AI’s growing role in hospitals and health systems, explore new ways to promote engagement and combat employee burnout, and get the latest forecast for major areas within the healthcare industry.

1. Top 8 Healthcare Predictions for 2019

Explore 8 key areas to watch in the coming year impacting the healthcare landscape, including AI platforms across select healthcare workflows and the Analytics shift from Big Data to more meaningful Small Data.
(Source: Forbes Healthcare)

2. Helping Health Care Workers Avoid Burnout

This study, focused on 80,000 healthcare professionals from 40 healthcare systems nationwide, provides insights that can help providers construct informed solutions and strategies to combat employee burnout.
(Source: Harvard Business Review)

3. How 10 Hospitals, Health Systems Promote Employee Well-being

This piece highlights the programs and initiatives of 10 named hospitals and health systems that create a culture focusing on the well-being of its workforce in order to provide the best care for its patients.
(Source: Becker’s Hospital Review)

4. HIMSS Analytics Delivers a State of the Health IT Industry Report

This report uses HIMSS Analytics research to examine the current state of several areas of healthcare technology and explore emerging future-state trends. (Source: Healthcare IT News)

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