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Workforce Optimization

Workforce Insight believes that there are 3 foundational elements essential to achieving true Workforce Optimization: Best Practices, Technology and Analytics.  These are the strategic levers we fine tune with our clients to drive ongoing savings and performance gains through labor optimization.Presentation, canon 1Ds mark III


Impactful analytics models, applications, dashboards and plug-ins that guide the optimal use of labor as the most valuable asset

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Optimal workforce operating models, standards and practices that tightly align the workforce with business goals and drivers



Implementation and optimization of workforce management technology to improve adoption and business performance


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Workforce Insight helps customers connect their data, improve their processes, and enable comprehensive workforce plans across the enterprise – analyzing gaps between existing workforce supply and future workforce demand to identify the strategies an organization must implement to recruit, hire, retrain, restructure, transition and retain talent.

Optimization of scheduling and staffing  (models, practices, processes, systems) is consistently identified as a key driver impacting financial health, staff engagement, productivity and business performance.  Workforce Insight helps clients evaluate, analyze,  benchmark, standardize and implement improved staffing models and technology to optimize alignment of labor with business demand.

Through Labor Cost & Productivity Optimization we help organizations gain visibility to the “low hanging fruit” – the most actionable, impactful labor cost savings and improvement opportunities available for their business.  We leverage deep industry expertise, analytics accelerators, labor standards and productivity benchmarks to help clients prioritize and achieve goals for labor cost reduction and continuous performance improvement.

Workforce Insight helps clients deploy optimal timekeeping and pay practices and solutions across the enterprise, including standardization of pay rules, best practice modeling, system design, testing, training and change management to accommodate mergers, acquisitions, union agreements and complex global requirements.

Workforce Insight helps clients optimize the way Absence and Leave is managed across the enterprise – often requiring a standardized approach, powerful enterprise solution and visibility to trends to manage all aspects of employee leave and paid time off – and to satisfy global, national, state/provincial, union, and diverse policies across the enterprise.

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