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With enterprise applications gaining more attention as being vital for driving cost reduction and supporting new healthcare delivery models, many organizations are struggling to find implementation resources and application experts with the skills required for success.

For hospitals and health systems, it’s become critical that enterprise labor management solutions be deployed and managed effectively – in alignment with financial targets and goals for patient quality.  Obtaining skilled professionals who can deliver quality application design, configuration, training and management is becoming increasingly difficult for healthcare providers across the nation.

Workforce Insight has deep expertise with all leading workforce management solutions and modules for healthcare.  In addition to providing turn-key implementation service teams, Workforce Insight is often engaged to help provider organizations augment in-house skills with highly seasoned and talented professionals who can work under the direction of the client’s leadership and key departments, which may include IT, HR, Finance, Nursing and Operations.

Many governance models today seek the flexibility to access our skilled resources when preparing for large-scale implementation projects – especially those requiring enterprise centralization, standardization and integration of disparate systems and platforms.  Our staff augmentation services help organizations accelerate deployment and access to cost savings, while avoiding the expense and time required for training and skill development.

As many organizations seek to transform labor management practices and systems to improve financial performance and patient care, access to our solution expertise in the following areas has become highly valuable.

  • Scheduling & Staffing
  • Analytics & Labor Productivity Reporting
  • Timekeeping
  • Absence & Leave Management
  • Patient Classification & Acuity
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Staff Augmentation - Healthcare Workforce Management Solutions

Staff Augmentation - Key Roles

To speak with a healthcare workforce management consultant, call 800-394-5516 or contact us to explore how we can accelerate your path toward labor optimization and improved business performance.

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