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Needs Assessment

It is well known that the right technology solution, when implemented properly, can yield measurable savings and performance gains. But all too often, technology initiatives fall short when the needs assessment and gap analysis are or omitted or poorly executed.

Business Assessment & Gap Analysis:
To harness the full value of any technology-based workforce management initiative Workforce Insight performs a comprehensive needs assessment and gap analysis; a systematic and meticulous review of business and operational needs, labor resources & constraints, strategic goals and opportunities.

We place tremendous focus on enterprise assessment, as we’ve seen the fallout of poorly defined objectives and metrics. At the same time, we avoid waste and unnecessarily “over-analysis” that slows the path to value. Our specialized workforce management expertise and deep industry knowledge (from within the field) ensures that discovery is thorough and accurate, yet efficient.

Our workforce management consultants review the workforce, the tasks they perform, and the processes used for execution. Metrics are analyzed and compared with performance benchmarks and KPIs by industry, such as sales per labor hour, labor per adjusted discharge, tons per hour; hours per driver, etc. Our gap analysis compares existing performance with the potential for optimal performance across the enterprise.

Business Case Development:
This thorough assessment provides the framework for identifying performance improvements and serves as the foundation for developing the business case. The sum of these forecasted performance gains are quantified and compared with technology investments to calculate a feasible, potential ROI.

Workforce Insight helps organizations develop a business case that sets realistic expectations and drives the strategy for solutions that bridge the gap between where the business is today, and where it must be to achieve optimal performance.

The findings and goals outlined at this stage become the drivers for every decision made throughout the workforce management project lifecycle, including vendor selection.

Learn more our unwavering focus on business objectives our workforce management consulting expertise, and the industry solutions we offer.

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